How to become successful in life and work

Learning is probably the most important part when you strive for success in your life and work. Now you can gain knowledge wherever and whenever you want. On the beach, in a coffee shop or in the middle of the night in your bed. Wouldn’t you want to learn how to code, become a better writer or speak with more freely in front of a huge crowd?



Taking classes at a traditional college or university is very expensive. Most people cannot afford the high tuition fees and are not always able to make time to go to classes while working a part-or full-time job.That is why online courses are getting more and more popular. This is your opportunity to achieve knowledge in an affordable and easy way.

Udemy is one of the biggest online platforms that offers online courses. With a library of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors, you are able to add new skills to your resume in the most easiest way. Normally some of those courses cost hundreds of dollars, but right now the platform is offering every course as low as $1o. The only simple thing you have to do is enter the code “CHANGEIT” at the checkout.

To save you some time, I listed some short overviews of the most popular classes on Udemy. So why not start write better emails, master the next job interview or take the first step to earn your MBA in front of crashing waves?


An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Prof

The way to your MBA has never been easier. The former Goldman Sachs employee, Columbia graduate and now MBA Professor created “an entire MBA course“. He designed the most popular course on Udemy which will teach you all of the important topics that you would learn at a top university. In addition he added real life practical business concepts. In that way, instructor Chris Haroun made sure to cut out “boring theoretical concepts”, but rather focused on keeping the subject matter as close to reality as possible.

An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Prof., for $10 (originally $200) at Udemy [95% off with the code: CHANGEIT]


“Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer”

Writing is one of the most powerful method to approach other people through the world wide web. It is one of the most important skills regardless of your industry. In this course you will learn tips and tricks taught by professionals. Not only will you stand out from other competitors and colleagues, but also attract more attention to your CV, your website or your blog articles.

Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer, $10 (originally $100), available at Udemy. [90% offwith the code: CHANGEIT]


“Job Interviews: Ace the Interview AND Get the Job Offer”

Job interviews are a very important part when applying for a new job. Over 30 years, instructor TJ Walker taught tons of prominent clients the art of speaking in public eloquently and effectively. If senators and member of Parliament are worshipping his tips and trick, then you will be definitely more confident when applying for the next job.

Job Interviews: Ace the Interview AND Get the Job Offer, $10 (originally $20), available at Udemy. [50% off with the code: CHANGEIT]

“The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0”

Followed up to one of the most successful courses on Udemy, The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 was created by Rob Percival. He is one of the highest-rated instructors of Udemy and makes sure to teach you not only the basics of web development. Essential programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and MySQL are part of Percival’s course. No matter if you have experience in coding or not – this course is both extensive and easy for starters to follow. That means soon you will be ready to start building professional, career-boosting websites.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, $10 (originally $200), available at Udemy. [95% off with the code: CHANGEIT]


Those online courses are just a couple of 45,000. No matter what you are passionate about – you can learn anything. And you don’t have to study at an university anymore. Now you are able to learn wherever your heart desires and build knowledge to get the career you want to pursue.